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"Revenue Management was a rather enigmatic world until I met Hotelperformance: now I understand what it means to sell at the right price and at the right time"

Massimiliano Schiavon, My Jesolo Hotels VE
“It is impossible today to be competitive without the right Revenue Management strategy. And above all without the right consultant! With Hotelperformance I achieved the desired goals in 6 months. "
Fabrizio Fabbri, Up Hotel, Rimini

“We have been collaborating with Hotelperformance for years and every year we are fully satisfied, both for the results and for the service they provide us. Hotelperformance was instrumental in achieving certain performances "

Marco De Luigi, Le Rose Suite Hotel, Rimini

"After several attempts, we have finally found, together with Hotelperformance, the most suitable solution for our structure and today managing both online and offline sales has become really simple"

Gabriele Leardini, Hotel Select, Riccione RN

"There are so many things to think about ... Having a consultant who helps you achieve your revenue goals really means a lot"

Stella Feruli, Hotel Luise - Riva del Garda TN

“How to establish the ideal price? Thanks to Hotelperformance I learned the best pricing strategies and my turnover has grown beyond my expectations "

Ubaldo Fusco, Le Palme Village, Terracina LA

"Not only have we increased revenues, but we have improved the organization and learned to control the various costs in the various structures"

Piera Chizzola, Residencehotels, Trentino
"The success of these years would not have been such without the advice and support of Hotelperformance"
Francesca Visentini, Hotel Grande Italia, Chioggia

“The first word that comes to mind when thinking about Hotelperformance is definitely reliability! They are an excellent support for the hotel as they offer solutions, tools and services for hospitality that I have personally tried for the structures I work for and I was really satisfied with them. Extremely nice, helpful and reliable staff and management! Well done! "

Daniela Falcone, Leardinigroup, Rimini

“What we wanted was to be really competitive and increase revenue. And so it happened in a short time for our hotel "

Gaetano Chionna, Rondò Hotel, Bari

With Hotelperformance I immediately realized that it was really important to have a high-performance software for the hotel and which one was right for me"

Alfredo Ravelli, Ravelli Hotels - Mezzana TN

"Hotelperformance represents excellent support for the hotel (...). Extremely nice, helpful and reliable staff and management! Well done! "

Alessandra Cuminetti, Urban Luxury Inns, Roma
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