Why are costs so high? How to avoid the wasting?

Maura Marfoglia - HotelPerformance

We know how difficult it is to control the costs of individual departments of the hotel and avoid the wasting.

The best solution to reduce the expenses is the their cost control: we analyze each individual item, we separate and la assegniamo al giusto centro di costountil we identify exactly how much is spent by each department and for each service.
With the management control you can classify the costs, understand if they are coherent and constant, supervise them in the time. We also pay attention to the variable costs, such those that include breakfast, laundry or various utilities, electricity, water. And only at this point , we identify together, the best solutions to be adopted.

Thanks to a more controllo più accurato you can understand how to intervene on the single costs in order to make savings.

We want to take you by the hand and guide you towards the best choice to savewith a constant and adequate costs control.

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