The right price at the right moment in order to maximize your turnover

HotelPerformer is an intelligent Revenue Management System and easy to be used, which let you analyze your sales constantly, the demand pressure, and the competitor’s strategies, in order to suggest you the right sale price. You can say stop to complicated excel sheets!

HotelPerformer gets the data from your management, adds the external data, through an algorithm that considers 30 factors, calculates and suggest to you the right selling price for your rooms.

HotelPerformer is a web –based software. No software to install, no back up process to do. You just need a PC or a Tablet and an Internet connection and you can use it everywhere.

What makes this Revenue Management System so effective?


It calculates booking trends many times a day and continuously processes demand forecasts for the next 365 days for each channel and for each segment. It compares data on the book to the same period of the previous year (SPIT). It compares the budget and the final balance to the previous year. Automatically It searches for events in your destination evaluating the impact on the Forecast.


A calendar with demand pressure, the presence of events, your current sale price, your competitors sales strategy, your online reputation and a summary of your performance.


It analyzes data for the future (business on the book), occupancy, revenue, average daily revenue, differences with the previous year, pick up, pick up per segment and per channel, competitors prices, events.
Here you will find the Occupancy Forecast Report and the recommended price for each type of room (exportable to excel).


A control panel showing the pressure of online and offline demand, events, your current price sale, competitors sales strategy, your online reputation and a summary of your performance.


Statistics by channel, segment, room types, booking pace, pick-up (exportable to excel). You can compare data to the situation on the same date of the previous year (SPIT), to the consolidation of the previous year and to the Budget.


It captures prices of all your competitors for the next 365 days by room type and by rate product indicating whether with breakfast included or not and if a minimum lenght of stay is applied.

How do you increase turnover?

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