Who is your Revenue Management consultant?

An expert who coordinates, manages and improve the performances of your structure.

The Revenue Management consultant teaches you the right techniques and strategies to increase turnover of your structure and improve the way of work. He supports you and help you to achieve the revenue goals you desire.

Our Revenue Management Consulting Service

revenue management consulenza


One of our experts provides for the training of your staff, the revenue strategies and techniques.

coaching is a service thought specifically for those who desire to internalise all the work, improving their own competences and those of the staff. At the same time, you can receive training and consulting service, with personalised activities for your hotel . You are continuously supported in the analysis and in the definition of the actions to be taken on pricing and distribution and we reveal you the most effective techniques.


You don’t have a Revenue Manager in the hotel?

Thanks to our outsourcing service you are provided to have an already trained and expert person which immediately gets to work for you. You save time, don’t have to hire one more employee and the results are immediate.

With coaching it is possible to leverage the funds For.Te and Fon.Ar.Com for funded training, which can contribute up to 30% of the project.

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In comparison

Services Coaching Outsourcing
Structure Analysis
Market and Competitor Analysis
Room types Definition
Definition of the pricing structure and distribution
Analysis and definition of FIT and Corporate contracts
Hotelperformer Implementation (Revenue Management System)
On-site Appointments
Continuous Analysis of the data and definition of sales strategies
Update of distribution channels
Contact with OTA Market Managers
Financing with For.Te / Fon.Ar.Com fund




Structure Analysis
Analisi del mercato
e dei competitor
Definizione delle
tipologie di camera
Definizione della
struttura di pricing
e distribuzione
Analisi e definizione
contratti FIT e
Implementazione di
On-site Appointments
Analisi continua
dei dati e definizione
delle strategie di vendita
Aggiornamento dei canali
di distribuzione
Contatto con i Market
Manager delle OTA

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