Since 2006 we have been helping hoteliers to do their job better.

Thanks to our experience and our direct confrontation with the hoteliers, we have developed a working method that allows you to improve profits and become totally autonomous.

  • We support you and, with the best Revenue Management strategies, we help you achieve the goals you want;

  • We teach you the correct principles and techniques of Revenue Management;

  • We help you increase your sales;

  • We support you in the implementation of a cost control system;

  • We recommend the use of some powerful software we know very well. You can simplify your work, speed up management operations and improve results;

Discover Hotelperformance Team

Emanuele Nardin
Emanuele NardinManaging Director
Aizhana Zhantuarov
Aizhana ZhantuarovSales&Revenue Consultant
Emanuele Mansueti
Emanuele MansuetiTrainer&Revenue Consultant
Fabrizio La Volpe
Fabrizio La VolpeTrainer&Revenue Consultant
Annalisa Cesari
Annalisa CesariSales Account
Samantha Tita
Samantha TitaSales
Lorenzo Cesarotto
Lorenzo CesarottoRevenue Team Coordinator
Federica Bontempi
Federica BontempiTechnical Support Specialist
Elena Mainardi
Elena MainardiRevenue Specialist
Serena Guffetti Casadei
Serena Guffetti CasadeiTechnical Support Specialist
Salvatore Ciotta
Salvatore CiottaRevenue Specialist
Giada Stellini
Giada StelliniTechnical Support Specialist
Maura Marfoglia
Maura MarfogliaRevenue Specialist
Chiara Leardini
Chiara LeardiniRevenue Specialist
  • We study the best solution for your Hotel, because your success is our greatest achievement. Hotelperformance is a company formed above all by people, even before experts and consultants

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